Playa Nueva Andalucía: El Duque Beach

Playa Nueva Andalucía, Marbella Beaches

Also known as El Duque Beach, Playa Nueva Andalucía is a pristine stretch of coastline located in Nueva Andalucía, Puerto Banús. With a length of over 1 kilometer and a width of 30 meters, this beach attracts thousands of tourists due to its proximity and easy access from Puerto Banús. Playa Nueva Andalucía Renowned for […]

Playa Casablanca: Eastern Elegance with Scenic Views

Situated on the eastern fringes of Marbella, Playa Casablanca emerges as a beach of Eastern elegance, where a mix of sand and pebbles meets panoramic views of the Mediterranean. This beach, known for its cleanliness and beautiful surroundings, invites beachgoers to experience a tranquil escape with a touch of coastal sophistication. Mix of Sand and […]

Playa Linda Vista: Serene Escape with Pristine Surroundings

Nestled on the coast of San Pedro Alcántara, Playa Linda Vista emerges as a serene escape that combines tranquility with pristine surroundings. This beach, known for its clean and well-maintained environment, invites beachgoers to unwind in a peaceful setting that harmonizes with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. Clean Sands and Unspoiled Landscape: Playa Linda […]

Why Italian Restaurants Are a Must-Choose While Traveling

Why Italian Restaurants Are a Must-Choose While Traveling

As a parent navigating the unpredictable terrain of family dining, I’ve stumbled upon a culinary haven that brings unparalleled joy and harmony to our table – Italian restaurants. And let’s be honest, the secret lies in the universal appeal of pizza and pasta, especially when you’re dealing with a squad of young, discerning taste buds. […]

Playa Cortijo Blanco: Tranquil Oasis of Sand and Pebbles

Nestled on the shores of San Pedro Alcántara, Playa Cortijo Blanco unfolds as a tranquil oasis where the meeting of sand and pebbles creates a picturesque coastal retreat. This beach, renowned for its serene atmosphere, provides a haven for those seeking a more peaceful and laid-back seaside experience. Tranquil Atmosphere: Playa Cortijo Blanco exudes a […]

Playa de San Pedro Alcántara: Family-Friendly Haven in the West

Nestled on the western shores of Marbella, Playa de San Pedro Alcántara emerges as a family-friendly haven where golden sands, a lively promenade, and a relaxed atmosphere converge. This beach, situated to the west of Marbella’s city center, invites beachgoers of all ages to enjoy the warm Mediterranean embrace in a setting that caters to […]

Playa de Guadalmina: Scenic Beauty and Water Sports Hub

Divided into two sections, Playa de Guadalmina emerges as a coastal gem that combines scenic beauty with an active water sports scene. Located to the west of Marbella, this beach invites beachgoers to experience the best of both worlds – a tranquil setting with picturesque views and the excitement of various water activities. Scenic Setting […]

Playa Nagüeles: Tranquil Oasis Between Luxury Destinations

Situated between Puerto Banús and Marbella’s Golden Mile, Playa Nagüeles emerges as a serene and secluded oasis along the Costa del Sol. This tranquil beach, nestled between two luxurious destinations, invites beachgoers to escape the bustling scenes and unwind in a peaceful setting where the beauty of nature meets the allure of upscale living. Golden […]

Playa Rio Verde: Calm Waters and Relaxed Vibes

Situated to the west of Puerto Banús, Playa Rio Verde emerges as a tranquil haven along the Marbella coastline. With its calm waters, fine golden sands, and laid-back atmosphere, this beach invites beachgoers to unwind, recharge, and experience the serene side of the Mediterranean. Gentle Waves and Clear Waters: Playa Rio Verde is characterized by […]

Puerto Banús Beach: Glamour by the Marina

Nestled near the famous Puerto Banús marina, Puerto Banús Beach is an embodiment of sophistication and seaside glamour. This beach radiates luxury, offering an exclusive experience where upscale shops, elegant restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife scene seamlessly blend with the golden sands and azure waters of the Mediterranean. Glamorous Marina Backdrop: Puerto Banús Beach enjoys […]