5 of the Best: Healthy Eating Restaurants in and around Marbella’s Golden Mile

5 of the Best: Healthy Eating Restaurants in and around Marbella’s Golden Mile
healthy food
organic and healthy food
healthy food
organic and healthy food
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We have compiled the top 5 places for a healthy bite on Marbella’s Golden Mile. Enjoy! Healthy Eating Restaurants in and around Marbella’s Golden Mile. Eating and living well are in vogue. Marbella has seen a boom in the wellness industry, in particular when it comes to food and drink. Cafes such as Rachel’s in The Puente Romano Resort offer a collection of delicious-looking green smoothies and more and more venues are now adding plant-based dishes to their menus.

5 of the Best Healthy Eating Restaurants in and around Marbella’s Golden Mile
Healthy Eating Restaurants in Golden Mile, Marbella

Here are 5 of the best Healthy Eating Restaurants that simply hit the spot, whatever your particular diet may be, year-round

1. Hustle and Flow

Hustle and Flow offers a varied menu with vegan and organic choices so deliciously beautiful you will want to Instagram them immediately. The first of the chain was opened in San Pedro de Alcantara, but their newest restaurant is now proudly in place on the Golden Mile, Hustle, and Flow Oasis. Find them at Oasis Business Center, Office 11, N-340, Km 176, 29600 Marbella, Málaga.

2. Organic Market and Food

As the name suggests, Organic Market and Food Marbella is a delightful café that feels like an organic market or deli. It serves a range of flexitarian delights, plus it has a truly stunning décor inside and out. A hot tip: They also offer takeaway and delivery.
Find them at: Centro Comercial Expo 14, Avenida Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602 Marbella.

3. Rachel’s Eco Love Café

Something of a legend in the area, Rachel’s is famous for those who feel good and look good too. Situated in The Puente Romano hotel near the beach, it has its own idyllic pool and is the perfect place to sip on a lactose-free latte or enjoy a wild salad of an afternoon.
Located inside the Puente Romano Hotel, Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n. Hotel Puente Romano, 29602, Marbella.

Rachel’s Eco Love Café Puente Romano, Marbella

4. Manuka

Manuka is a flexitarian restaurant chain in Marbella and this branch is located inside the Alanda Hotel on The Golden Mile. Choose from delicious meals made with ingredients sourced in the most ethical ways.  You simply must try the burgers, divine and healthy too!

Find your foodie heaven:

  1. Manuka – Plaza del Mar
  2. Manuka (La Cañada)
  3. Manuka (Marina Banús)
  4. Manuka (Alanda Hotel Marbella)

​5. Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine

A pretty restaurant serving only the freshest plant-based dishes, Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine is well worth a visit. all created by owners Carlo and Tricia Zanasi. 
Located on Av. Bulevar Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, S/N, Residencial Casablanca, Local 1, Modulo 6 29602 Marbella, Spain.

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